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College Fair

Rules & Regulations


Participants must be active MnACC members. Institutions and organizations will only be allowed to participate if the Membership Committee has received full payment or if a copy of a P.O. has been submitted.


An RSVP is required to participate. Institutions that do not RSVP will be allowed participate in the fair on a space available basis. Representatives must check in at the registration table and be fully set up 10 minutes prior to the fair. Institutions that are late or do not show will be subject to disciplinary actions as follows:

    • First incident: Verbal warning - MnACC President and Program Chair will speak with the representative. In the case of a no-show, a phone call will be made to the institution.
    • Second incident: Written warning - The representative and his/her supervisor will receive an e-mail from the Programming Committee regarding the tardiness/absenteeism as a last reminder of the final repercussion for a third incident.
    • Third incident: Action - The institution will not be allowed to participate in the next circuit of fairs (i.e. an institution who is late three times in the fall will not be allowed to participate in the spring; an institution whose third incident falls in the spring will not be allowed to participate in the following fall).

Leaving before the scheduled end of a fair will be treated as a late arrival. Incidents will be tallied for the academic year and institutions will start with a clean slate at the start of each new academic year. If you will be late, please contact the MnACC president at president@mnacc.org.


Representatives should remain behind or on the side of the table at all times. It is acceptable, however, for representatives to guide a prospective student to another institution’s table when in the best interest of the student. Institutions may be represented by a maximum of three persons when needed. If representatives need to leave their table to use the restroom or to get a drink, they should return as quickly as possible.

Language that is inappropriate, incorrect, or misleading of another institution is prohibited and will not be tolerated. If you hear negative comments being made by an institution about another institution, please report it to the Programming Committee Chair as soon as possible. 

Current college students may accompany admission representatives to MnACC Fairs. However, they should be trained by admissions regarding appropriate and inappropriate talking points and accurate admission information.


MnACC members are reminded to represent their home institution and MnACC in a professional manner. Dress attire should be, at minimum, business casual or what is required at your institution. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the fair including an inviting attitude that engages and welcomes students to your table and to the fair.


Only institutional informative literature such as brochures and catalogs may be distributed at MnACC Fairs. Imprinted materials and promotional giveaways are prohibited (i.e. bags, posters, key chains, stickers, etc).


Only table banners/tablecloths, institutional name signs, and program-oriented tabletop stands (maximum height 25”) are permitted. Laptop computers with their own source of energy may be used for visual display with no audio. Audio equipment or floor-standing displays are not permitted.


Use of cell phones for personal reasons during the fair should be kept to a minimum. Calls should only be answered in event of emergencies. Computers may be used for display or data collection purposes. Non-fair related use of electronic devices and wearing headphones during the fair is prohibited. 

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