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 How do I add additional members to my institution’s MnACC membership?

After logging into your MnACC account using the person icon on the top right corner of the screen,
  1. Click the person icon again and select "View Profile."
  2. Under your member profile, scroll down to "Bundle Summary." Click "Add member" to add an additional bundle member from your institution to your MnACC membership. Enter the individual's name, contact information, and don't forget to save!

 How do I sign up for membership?

Under the Membership tab, select the membership option that applies to you (see details about each membership type under the "Membership" tab on the top bar of the website): 

  1. Annual Institutional Membership
  2. High School Counselors and CBOs (Community-Based Organizations) 
  3. Try Us Out" – Trial Period Membership

After selecting your membership type, fill out the registration online and submit your membership fee payment online (via Paypal, which is the only online payment system we use) or via check. All checks can be mailed to: Minnesota Association of Counselors of Color, PO Box 13033, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

If your organization needs W-9 information or anything else in the registration process, please reach out to membership@mnacc.org for assistance!

 What are "bundle members" and "bundle administrators"? 

Each institution participates in MnACC through a "bundle membership." Within this bundled membership, the institution has a single bundle administrator and an unlimited number of bundle members. 

  • Bundle Administrator: the main point of contact for your institution. This person has access to make changes in our database, add new members under the bundle, and renew the institution's membership online. 
  • Bundle Members: these are additional members of an institution's bundle MnACC membership who are linked to the bundle administrator. They do not serve as the main point of contact and have less ability to make changes to the institution's membership online. 

 If someone leaves my office, how do I remove them from my institution's bundle membership?

In your membership profile, scroll down to "Bundle summary."

    1. Click on the hyperlink to the bundle member's name.
    2. Under the bundle member's profile, click on "Archive".
    3. Return to your bundle summary and their name should now be crossed out.

 If my institution already has a MnACC membership, how do I renew it?

In your membership profile, select the "Renew" button to start the process.

 Where can I access and pay invoices?

In your membership profile, select "Invoices and payments." Click on any past invoice for detailed information.

 Where can I make changes to my institution's directory information?

In your membership profile, select "Edit profile". From there, you can edit all information about your institution. Select "My directory profile" to see the information that is currently posted for your institution in the online directory. To see the entire MnACC member institution directory, select "Directory" in the top menu bar.

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