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Joining a committee or serving as an executive officer are excellent professional development opportunities that provide a platform for connecting with colleagues and building your professional network. We invite you to learn more about these committees and the work they do. You can find detailed information about our leadership opportunities below.

The MnACC Board meets monthly to discuss upcoming events and planning. Board members also attend full membership meetings held twice each year: during the fall and spring MnACC college fairs. 



Executive Officers


3 year term

- After 1 year of service, President-elect automatically assumes the role of President, an additional year of service as Past President is required to complete term
The President oversees all other committees as well as all duties, timelines, and calendar checks for officers. This individual represents MnACC on a variety of outside professional boards and serves as official spokesperson for organization. The President will call and preside at any general membership assembly or Executive Board meetings. 


3 year term

- After 1 year service, Treasurer-Elect automatically becomes Treasurer, an additional year of service as Chief Financial Officer is required to complete term
The main responsibility of the treasurer is to process all the financial transactions of the organization. This involves receiving dues, donations, paying vendors and recording these transactions in QuickBooks. The Treasurer works to keep the organization in good standing with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. This will include the responsibility for filing the taxes for a non-profit organization. This individual will ensure that spending stays within budgets as set by the executive board at the beginning of the fiscal year.  In the third year as Chief Financial Officer, individual will assist the treasurer as needed with transactions and the maintenance of the budget. CFO will work with long-term fiscal investment banking for the good of the organization.


2 year term

- After 1 year of service, Secretary-elect automatically assumes the role of Secretary
The Secretary is primarily responsible for record keeping of monthly meeting minutes and any changes made to the by laws and distributing said information to Executive Board members. The Secretary is by default a member of the Communications Committee, but can sit on an additional committee if they so choose. This individual also assists in gathering information for and assembling monthly newsletter.





Advisory Council Committee

The Advisory Council Committee was established to develop the guidelines & protocol for the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council Committee works with the MnACC Executive Board in developing an application & process for seeking volunteers for the Advisory Council that will assist MnACC in various governing areas such as finance, technology, legal matters and community networking.  This committee will be involved in maintaining information, helping with the recruitment, reviewing & selection of new members to the Advisor Council. Co-Chairs will work as a liaison between the Advisory Council and the MnACC Executive Board.  


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is completely responsible for the messaging of  MnACC.  This involves updating the membership with publishing the monthly What's Happening newsletter to all MnACC members with new. Working with other MnACC Committees to create and update a strategic communication campaign. Managing the MnACC email account, and operating MnACC social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).


Development Committee

This committee is led by co-chairs who are responsible for development of a financial plan for MnACC, with a strong emphasis on fundraising.  Interested candidates should be well organized, have strong event planning skills and be creative thinkers. Within this position individuals will have the opportunity to creatively explore many different fundraising options. This position will allow the development of a strong professional network with a variety of organizations and institutions.


Membership Committee

This committee oversees membership of current MnACC members and communication with prospective members. The committee is currently comprised of two Co-Chairs who split duties. The first Co-Chair is responsible for tracking membership renewals, collecting dues, sending Renewal and/or Payment Received "Thank You/Confirmation" emails, maintaining a membership database, working with the Communications Committee, Secretary, and Treasurer to ensure that member institutions are able to register for fairs, have updated Primary/Additional Contact information on file, and that payments have been received and cashed, respectively. The second Co-Chair is responsible for collecting completed School Profile Forms from member institutions, compiling them into a MnACC Resource Guide, and distributing the Guide to member institutions.


Programming Committee

This committee is responsible for planning the fair schedule and various other MnACC-sponsored events. The Programming Committee is primarily charged with crafting the MnACC fairs and professional development events. Tri-Chairs must work together to create a schedule that is conducive to advancing the mission of our organization. Often this means working with very busy counselors from schools with high concentrations of underprivileged students. This position calls for a great deal of patience, organization, and the ability to keep key members of the executive board up-to-date on progress made during the planning phase. Committee members will need to serve as liaisons between high schools and MnACC, which also requires a great deal interpersonal and written communication skills. In terms of professional development, the chair members of this team will need to identify topics that impact higher education and organize speaker luncheons and events.


Scholarship Committee

This committee oversees the promotion, distribution, application, and review process for the annual MnACC Scholarship.  They are responsible for finding planning the annual Reading Day, facilitating a selection process for recipients, award notification, and, ultimately, verification of all the applicants. The MnACC scholarship promotes college access through these financial means. 


Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is completely responsible for the management of the MnACC web site.  This involves updating the site with new information such as upcoming events, calls for membership and college-fair registration, scholarship applications, etc.  Preparing and managing the online membership and college fair registration, and scholarship application processes. Working with other MnACC Committees to create and update web content (forms, scholarship application, etc.)  and updating the online calendar with important MnACC events and other relevant deadlines and managing the MnACC email account.

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